Travel Instagram Accounts to Follow and Drool Over

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by | May 21, 2015

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Most of you may have probably heard of the #followmeto hashtag (made famous by photographer Murad Osmann and his girlfriend’s now-famous back), and well-curated Instagram posts by travel companies like AgodaAirbnb, and National Geographic. All of these places are wonderful—too wonderful!—and thanks to the fact that the internet is a big, big, place, there are thousands more like them.

Here’s a list of some of other travel-inspired Instagram accounts that have posts guaranteed to make you drool and get your butt off that chair. Enjoy, and get ready to spend days of endless scrolling!


Alex Strohl is a Vancouver-based adventure photographer. His Instagram feed is composed of photos that would make you want to go to the woods and stay in a cabin. Forever.

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Aujin Rew is a Korean photographer who takes striking images of life in different Asian countries like China, Myanmar, South Korea, Tibet, and Vietnam.

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Chris Burkard is a professional photographer whose work is focused on surf, outdoor, lifestyle, and travel. Most photos posted on this page are shot using a pro camera (with settings like ISO and aperture included in the photo description).

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We rarely see photos of what goes on inside North Korea. David Guttenfelder, a National Geographic photography fellow, shares with the world what goes on in this side of the world using his iPhone.


This community, inspired by EverydayAfrica and contains photos of community members, has a collection of wonderful snapshots of Asian countries.

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See great pictures of Hong Kong through the eyes of this CNN journalist. Buildings never looked this good.

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This Norwegian photographer and traveler composes great snapshots of Holland (where she is based), as well as other European cities.

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“It is not about what you see but how you see it,” says this guy’s Instagram bio. This account is filled with everyday shapes and patterns. Definitely one of the most unique Instagram accounts out there.

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