Bohol, Philippines: A Drone Tour

Take a quick peek into this southern beauty.
by | March 25, 2017

Bohol: the home of the bug-eyed tarsier and chocolate hills. It’s one of the famed tourist destinations in our country where you can still find treasures off the beaten track.

Just a one-hour flight from Manila, Bohol reels tourists in for its pristine beaches, stunning caves, and beautiful jungles that hold diverse wildlife.

It’s main highlight? The Chocolate Hills. Folklore has it that these thousands of brown mounds have been the bitter tears of a giant named Arogo who mourned for the death of his mortal love, Aloya. It earned its name for looking like chocolate domes during the dry season when the grass that covers the hills turn brown. At first glance, anyone would think the landscape is just too perfect to not be man-made. But that’s the beauty and mystery of nature! Natural wonders such as this don’t require a reason to exist and for us to be able to appreciate it.

As for beach lovers and diving enthusiasts, Bohol’s Panglao Island is the ultimate place to be. Scattered all over the island are a number of white beaches — the most famous among which is Alona Beach. Sure, it’s become a haven for tourists, but no one can deny that the environment under the waters surrounding Alona truly is exceptional.

There’s something to see in Bohol for all kinds of people — from nature lovers to beach bums. And if you’ve forgotten just how stunning the island is, let this video at bird’s eye view remind you.

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