Up for a Tropical Holiday Getaway? Coron is Opening to Domestic Tourists in November

As of September 22, Coron is accepting tourists from Palawan or those under the Point-to-Point Tourism Program.
by | September 30, 2021

Here’s to all the travelers who have been posting their throwback photos or dreaming of exploring the waters of Coron for the past year and a half: the top Philippine tourist destination is opening to travelers from all over the Philippines beginning November 15. If you’ve been looking for your next work-from-paradise location or planning a tropical getaway for the holidays, this is your sign to keep your eyes peeled on seat sales.


Coron is gradually opening to tourists

Over the past months, we’ve seen popular local travel destinations like Boracay and Baguio reopen to tourists from other regions as a means of reviving the tourism and travel industries. Included in the list of destinations reopening is the municipality of Coron, which will begin accepting domestic tourists in November, as announced by its Public Information Office.

As of September 22, 2021, Coron is currently accepting fully vaccinated tourists who are either a.) residents of Palawan or b.) those entering via chartered or commercial flights through the Point-to-Point Bubble Tourism Program. Only permitted island resorts and licensed and DOT-accredited enterprises are allowed to operate, according to the executive order signed by Coron Mayor Mario Reyes.

The municipality of Coron will then reopen to all tourists from the Philippines beginning November 15, 2021.



What are the travel requirements?

For those entering under the Point-to-Point Program or Non-Palawenos:

  1. Vaccination card as proof of full vaccination
  2. Negative QR-coded RT-PCR test result conducted within 48 hours
  3. Confirmed accommodation or tour booking
  4. Approved S-Pass travel application


For those entering from Palawan or Palaweños:

  1. Valid ID as proof of residency
  2. Vaccination card as proof of full vaccination
  3. Negative QR-coded RT-PCR test result conducted within 24 hours
  4. Confirmed accommodation or tour booking
  5. Approved S-Pass travel application


For more information and updates on travel requirements, visit Coron PIO’s Facebook page or call the following numbers: 0918-239-7127, 0968-725-4859, 0968-725-4849, 0945-692-5879, 0956-2294140.



Travel safely and responsibly!

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