Domestic Flights to and from Metro Manila Have Been Suspended — Here’s What You Need to Know

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by | August 05, 2020

In light of  the implementation of Modified Enhanced Community Quarantine (MECQ) in Metro Manila and nearby provinces due to the worsening pandemic situation, domestic flights to and from Metro Manila have been cancelled from August 4 to 18, 2020. While the rest of the country remains in General Community Quarantine (GCQ), Metro Manila being in MECQ means that there would be no local flights going in and out of the metro. Read on below for more information on the policies and other flight details of your respective airline.

Cebu Pacific

While flights through Metro Manila have been cancelled, the following Cebu Pacific domestic flights would continue to operate, as their destination points are only in GCQ:

  • Clark-Cebu-Clark, every Tuesday
  • Cebu-Davao-Cebu, every Tuesday

Select international flights arriving in or departing from Manila would also proceed with operations.

Flights arriving in Manila:

  • Dubai — Manila (5J 19), every Monday
  • Tokyo (Narita) — Manila (5J 5059), every Wednesday / Saturday (starting Aug 8)
  • Osaka — Manila (5J 817), every Friday (starting Aug 6)
  • Singapore — Manila (5J 808), every Friday/ Sunday (starting Aug 7)

Flights departing from Manila:

  • Manila — Dubai (5J 18), every Sunday
  • Manila — Seoul (Incheon) (5J 194), every Thursday
  • Manila — Singapore (5J 807), every Thursday / Saturday (starting Aug 6)

In the meantime, international flights not mentioned above, like those to and from Taipei, are cancelled as well.

If your flight with Cebu Pacific has been cancelled, you have three options to choose from:

  • Avail unlimited rebooking, in which you can rebook your flight to a date within three months of your original flight to have rebooking fees and fare differences waived, or to any date after the three-month mark but with only the rebooking fees waived (i.e. fare difference may apply).
  • Store the cost of your flight ticket in a Travel Fund, a.k.a. your virtual wallet with Cebu Pacific, which you may be able to use for future flights within the next two years.
  • Refund your ticket in full, but you’d have to wait at least four billing cycles.

Philippine Airlines

Domestic flights of Philippine Airlines between Clark, Cebu, Davao, and cities not under MECQ would all remain operational.

  • Clark — Davao — Clark, every Friday
  • Cebu — Tacloban — Cebu, every Thursday and Saturday
  • Cebu — Dumaguete — Cebu, every Monday and Thursday (starting August 10)
  • Cebu — Cagayan de Oro — Cebu, every Wednesday and Sunday
  • Cebu — Davao — Cebu, every Tuesday
  • Cebu — Zamboanga — Cebu, every Monday and Friday (starting August 7)
  • Davao — Zamboanga — Davao, every Thursday and Sunday

Philippine Airlines international flights scheduled for the month of August would proceed as scheduled. You can check the full schedule on the Philippine Airlines website.

If you’re a passenger with a cancelled flight, you can convert your ticket cost to a Travel Voucher, rebook or reroute your flight, or refund your ticket without penalties. For more details, head on to this page.


The following AirAsia domestic flights are available during MECQ:

  • Clark — Davao — Clark, every Saturday (starting August 1) and every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday (starting August 17)
  • Cebu — Davao — Cebu, every Thursday (starting August 6)

Domestic flights to and from Manila will resume starting the period of August 18 to 23, depending on the flight route. A couple of international flights arriving to and departing from Manila are also operational during MECQ:

  • Manila — Don Mueang (Bangkok) — Manila (Z2 287 / Z2 288), every Monday
  • Manila — Kuala Lumpur — Manila (Z2 942 / Z2 943), every Wednesday (starting August 12)

If your AirAsia flight has been cancelled, you can opt to store your ticket cost in a Credit Account with the airline, rebook your flight, or avail a refund. For more information, check out the Air Asia website.


Are you an affected passenger? What did you do with your cancelled ticket? Share your experience with us below.

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