BOOKMARK THIS: These Establishments and Industries Are Allowed to Operate During the August 2021 ECQ

Find out which establishments allowed to operate under full, half, and skeletal capacity during the August 2021 ECQ.
by | August 11, 2021

Want to know which establishments are open for operations during the Metro Manila ECQ from August 6 to 21, 2021? We’ve prepared a list based on the Department of Trade and Industry’s Advisory No. 21-6 on the allowable on-site operational or venue/seating capacity of business establishments or activities under various community quarantines:


Establishments and industries on full-capacity (100%)

  • Public and private hospitals
  • Health, emergency, and frontline services
  • Manufacturers of medicines, medical supplies, devices, and equipment
  • Industries involved in agriculture, forestry, and fishery
  • Logistics service providers such as delivery services and warehouses
  • Essential and priority construction projects, both public and private
  • Manufacturing related to food, beverages, and other essential goods
  • Companies that manufacture food, beverages and other essential goods such as hygiene products and disinfectants
  • Essential retail trade and service establishments such as public markets and grocery stores
  • Restaurants or food preparation establishments operating on takeout and delivery services
  • Public transport providers and operators


Establishments and industries on 50% capacity

  • Media establishments and their total permanent staff


Establishments and industries on skeletal capacity

  • Dental, rehabilitation, optometry, and other clinics for the treatment of illnesses or injuries
  • Veterinary clinics
  • Banks and money transfer services including pawnshops
  • Capital markets
  • Water supply and janitorial or sanitation services
  • Energy sector
  • Telecommunications companies, internet service providers, and cable television providers
  • Airline and aircraft maintenance, pilots and crew, and employees of aviation schools
  • Funeral and embalming services
  • Security personnel licensed by the PNP
  • Printing establishments authorized by the BIR
  • Establishments engaged in repair and maintenance of machinery and equipment
  • Leasing of real and personal properties
  • Employment activities involving recruitment and placement
  • Teachers, professors, and other staff for purposes of conducting online or offline
  • Lawyers only when required to provide on-site legal representation
  • All other establishments


To see the full list of other community quarantine categories, you may refer to DTI’s advisory here. Stay safe and healthy!



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