What Can You Bring to and Around Your EU Trip?

The general rules for what you can and can't bring.
by | August 19, 2015

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Packing is a challenge that travelers can’t avoid and must rise above from. More important than the struggle of not over-packing, travelers going to the EU must be aware of the EU’s regulations of what can and can’t be brought inside. After exceeding the weight limit of your baggage, eliminating stuff you’re capable of letting go, and then finally attaining what you think is the perfect travel baggage, the last thing you need is for EU customs to confiscate some of your things or worse, to cancel your European adventure.

Don’t panic. The EU trip that you’ve saved up and waited for a very long time can actually go on without a glitch. With proper planning, research, and obedience (to the EU’s regulations that is), you can indeed go on with your adventure without any arrests or missing items.

Here are items you can bring to and around your EU trip:

  • Tobacco and alcohol for personal consumption – You don’t have to prove that it’s for personal use when you’re bringing less than 300 cigarettes, less than 20 liters of fortified wine, less than 90 liters of wine, and less than 110 liters of beer.
  • Any amount less than 10,000 Euros – This also applies to the equivalent amount in any other currency. Any amount more than that must be declared to the EU customs.
  • Meat and dairy products – These are allowed only with proper veterinary documentation.
  • Other animal products – As long as these products are not related to any animal-disease outbreaks and are only for personal consumption, you won’t have any problems.
  • Powdered infant milk
  • Baby food
  • Food required for medical reasons
  • Plants – As long as you bring species that are not endangered.

As you enter the EU and move from one country to another, remember these general regulations. Packing may come as a hassle, but being extra thoughtful when it comes to what you’re bringing will make a huge difference in how convenient and enjoyable your trip will be.

So, dear adventurers, take that panic and transform it into determination then excitement. You’re about to go on an escapade! How thrilled are you?!

If you know more EU regulations related to travel baggage, please share in the comments! Everyone can use a little more packing wisdom.

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