2016 Philippine Food Festivals to Plan Your VLs Around

Featuring lechon, mangoes, seafood and more!
by | April 05, 2016

There are very few things that can top the awesome combo of food and travel. Isn’t this what almost every VL aims to achieve? Leave cramming for some other project; start planning your food adventures now! Get friendly with your boss (and HR), plot the dates and sweat off some room for these local food festivals.

Leave all your tight clothes behind, and get ready to explore these beautiful places in the best way possible—through their best food forward, of course.

April: Manggahan Festival in Guimaras, Iloilo


If you’re already smitten with the sweet-tart mangoes you source from your suki, then prepare to have your mango expectations leveled up in Guimaras. Known as the city with one of the sweetest mangoes in the Philippines and even in the world, experiencing Guimaras should really be a requirement for every mango-loving Pinoy.

May: Bawang Festival in Sinait, Ilocos Sur


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Ditch the typical #Laboracay plan for Ilocos Sur’s fragrant and scrumptious Bawang festival, happening in May 1. Just imagine all the garlic-glorified dishes that you can indulge on instead of the dieting you have to do to maintain that (hypothetical) Bora bod.

June: Lechon Festival in Balayan, Batangas


This might be your best chance at spotting Anthony Bourdain, eating his heart out in Balayan’s lechon festival. Just kidding. With or without Bourdain’s presence though, how can you say no to unlimited servings of beautiful lechon? That’s right, the answer is: you shouldn’t.

July: Alimango Festival in Santa Margarita, Samar


Seafood-lovers, alimango-enthusiasts especially, this festival is definitely for you! Head to Samar’s Santa Margarita for full appreciation of alimango in various ways, may it be through cook-offs, parades and even crab-racing.

August: Dinagat-Bakasi at Cordova, Cebu



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If you have the palate for something different and more adventurous than usual seafood, try Dinagat-Bakasi. This refers to exotic eel that Cordova’s waters are wealthy with. For your first encounter, it’s definitely a good idea to time it in August for Cebu’s festival. Aside from adding something new to your seafood favorites, you can also enjoy peculiar dances, cooking contests and various other fun activities.

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