Enjoy the Best Nature Activities at This Idyllic Riverside Inn in Bohol

Don't miss the twinkling fireflies at night.
by | August 31, 2021

When in Bohol, a tour of Loboc River while enjoying a bountiful lunch with performances is probably included in your itinerary. After all, it’s one of the province’s most popular tourist destinations. In case the 1.5-hour cruise isn’t enough, you can appreciate the beauty of the river and its surrounding greenery at this picturesque riverside stay:


Fox & The Firefly Cottages

Named after the owners’ dog and the abundance of twinkling fireflies you’ll see at night, Fox & The Firefly is an idyllic inn by Loboc River that would make any nature lover swoon. If you’re looking for a stay in Bohol where you can enjoy nature, peace, and activities outside of the usual tourist itinerary, this inn is a stay you wouldn’t want to miss.

You’ll really feel one with nature at Fox & The Firefly. All the cottages and lounges are made with natural materials, bamboo, and nipa, adding to that presko, organic feeling. All the cottages face the scenic Loboc River and there are seven types of rooms to choose from, with rates ranging from P2,000 to P3,300 per night.

From lounges to pavilions, everything you’ll need for a recharging stay is already at the inn, including a farm-to-table restaurant, Food & Fables. They serve fresh and healthy food daily, with selected ingredients that are in season, fresh from the market, and organically grown and picked from their vegetable garden. Both international and local cuisine is served at the restaurant, and they cater to vegans too. Start a day of exploring the province and nearby attractions with a full stomach!

After a day of exploring tourist destinations and nearby locations, wind down at the restaurant for some cocktails, wine, or some beer tasting from their list of authentic Belgian beers. The restaurant is just on the second floor of the lobby, which shouldn’t be difficult to find.


Experiences at Fox & The Firefly

Aside from their cozy and aesthetic rooms, Fox & The Firefly is perfect for every adventure-seeker. You can begin your day by practicing Sivananda-style yoga by Pure Prana Yoga at the Santosha Shala. Private classes can also be booked.

Take the practice up a notch by trying the stand-up paddleboard yoga classes where you’ll feel zen right in the middle of Loboc River. Nothing can be more peaceful than that, right?

Paddleboards will be your best friend if you wish to see more nearby attractions. There are different river activities that you can try using a stand-up paddleboard, including a full-day Loboc or Abatan River Tour and Waterfall Tour. If you’re feeling adventurous at night, you can go for the scenic Firefly Full Moon Tour and get lost in fireflies.

Guests can also learn about the locals’ lives through the Life in Loboc Tour, Countryside Tour, and Mountain bike tours. Find more here.


To book a stay and for more information, visit Fox and The Firefly Cottages’ official website.



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