October 2021

The house is just a few minutes away from malls, restaurants, and tourist destinations.

Enjoy glamping by the manmade lake.

You’ll also get a free antigen test at Batangas Grand Terminal.

You only need to register using your mobile number.

A different kind of beach glamping experience.

Disconnect to connect.

A travel expense cut off your budget.

Starts at P4,500 for two persons.

The villa has a private pool and it’s just five minutes away from beaches.

They also have long-term stays starting at P12,000 per month.

Soak in the sun, sea, and good company.

It has a private balcony too.

You can stream your favorite shows and movies while chilling in the plunge pool.

The best of the mountains and sea.

It's got everything you'd want or need for a weekend getaway.

Your next favorite hidden spot in Batangas.

This tiny house can accommodate up to six persons and your pets.

It has a pool overlooking the city.

For your family's reunion this holiday season.

A laid-back accommodation without breaking the bank.

It prides itself as a resort for the masses!