GUIDE: The Best Gifts for Every Type of Traveler

Gearing up for the holidays?
by | November 28, 2022

After years of bookmarking destinations and making bucket lists, the world is finally open again. Everyone wants to live out their revenge travel dreams and go on that well-deserved holiday. Now that the holidays are fast approaching, you’re probably on the hunt for the ~perfect~ gifts for loved ones. If you know someone who’s traveling soon, check out these gifts for every type of traveler:


The Techie: Samsonite EVOA TECH

Samsonite is known for luggage built to last, and this smart luggage is perfect for the techie traveler. The EVOA TECH is an all-in-one travel solution – there’s no need to bring other gadgets because its cool features come with the luggage. It has a built-in weight scale (no one wants to open their luggage at the check-in counter), a fingerprint TSA combination lock, a Bluetooth Proximity Tracker, and an integrated USB port with an internal power bank pocket. The luggage also has double wheels that will let you drag it around seamlessly. Available online and at Samsonite stores.


The Memory Hoarder: Abbey Sy Travel Journal

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From collecting plane tickets to guides given during tours, we all have that one friend who likes to save everything from a memorable trip. Ideal for memory hoarders, the Travel Journal by Abbey Sy is a compact 50-sheet journal that has journaling tips, postcards, and tags. The paper is also ink and watercolor-friendly, which is perfect for capturing scenes on paper! Available online.


The Photographer: Fujifilm Instax mini Evo

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Sure, capturing beautiful scenery and sharing moments with loved ones is enough with your smartphone or digital camera, but this is for the folk who want to immediately have a copy of their photo. The Instax mini Evo works both as a digital camera and a printer; you can have two copies of your precious memories! This is also perfect for reunions or when you meet interesting people during your trip and want to give them a keepsake. Available online.


The Backpacker: Quechua One-Person Hammock

Here’s to the friend who travels light and likes to bring items that are compact. Whether they’re hiking, lazing on a beach, or camping, a compact hammock will always come handy! Available online.


The Digital Nomad: Prolink Travel Router


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The years-long lockdown has given birth to more digital nomads; there’s no wonder why the work-from-paradise setup is a ~thing~ now! To ensure that your loved one never misses out on a work deadline, get them a travel router that allows up to 300Mbps while on the move. This 4G LTE Mobile Wi-Fi by prolink has a 4G LTE connection, a built-in 5200mAh battery, and allows up to 16 users. It also has a LAN/WAN Port for a more secure connection. Available online.


The Fashionista: Xiaomi Handheld Steam Iron

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You don’t always get to visit new and interesting places; you might as well look good in your tourist photos! Here’s to the loved one who got their OOTDs planned to the t or even bring extra ones when visiting multiple places in a day – a handheld steam iron will be their best friend. It’s always better to come prepared as well because not all hotels or hostels include iron in their amenities. Available online.


The Solivagant: Sony WH-1000XM4

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Got a friend who loves their own company when traveling? You can never go wrong with a pair of noise-canceling headphones especially when you take long-haul flights or love listening to music when walking around a new city. Sony’s award-winning headphones aren’t only noise-canceling and have premium sound; it also features a Speak-to-Chat technology that allows a hands-free experience, especially when you’re out and about. The headphones also use an Adaptive Sound Control that automatically adjusts its settings when you’re waiting, walking, or traveling. Available online.


The Typical Tourist: Aer Travel Pack

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For travelers who love to cover all the must-visit spots a destination has to offer, a compact bag will help them prepare for the day better. With no time to waste, gifting them a good backpack will ensure they’ve got everything they need! The Travel Pack 3 by Aer is a versatile and multi-pocket backpack. Its exterior is made of nylon, it’s padded, and has quick-access side and top pockets. The bag also comes with a hidden smart tracker pocket and an expandable pocket for your water bottle. Available online.

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