LOOK: Hail Storm in Benguet Looks Like Snow — But Is This a Good Thing?

It looks fun, but is it really?
by | April 28, 2020

While the rest of the Philippines may never experience snow due to the fact that we’re a tropical country with only two seasons, Benguet could say differently. Or at least, Benguet could claim they experienced something as close to snow.

Last Saturday, some parts of the province of Benguet saw hail falling from the sky, enough that it seemed like it snowed with how much the ground was covered with ice. Several barangays and towns have experienced the snow-like hail since last Thursday, with residents having fun with the simple joy of playing in the “snow.”


While the Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration (PAGASA) says this is actually a common occurrence in the province, residents claim this is the first time that there is so much ice. Hail usually occurs between May and July as the rainy season starts. 


How does hail come about?

According to National Geographic, hail is produced in the atmosphere as water freezes in thunderstorm clouds. As the water droplets become frozen in the clouds, they would form layers and become too heavy for the cloud to carry, resulting in their fall to the ground.


The dangers of hail

And while snow-like hail seems fun at first glance, it’s not actually a good sign. When we experience hail, it usually means there are extremes in temperature. According to PAGASA, the high temperature during thunderstorms led to the production of hail in Benguet. As we enter the month of May and the higher temperatures it may bring, Benguet may also experience more hail as thunderstorms form this coming rainy season.

Hail storms have had a history of affecting our farmlands, leading to a waste of millions of vegetables and crops. And with the health crisis we’re facing right now, this loss of resources may be quite the blow to our country that we don’t need.


Have you seen hail? Tell us about your experience below!

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