On Your Next Errand Day, Try Stopping by This Aesthetic Mall Cafe in Laguna

Hitting two birds with one stone?
by | November 08, 2021

Let’s be real, other than the occasional and planned trips with family or friends, the only reason we go out these days are for errands, specifically those that cannot be simply done online. On your next errand day, you might as well take a detour or extra drive down south and discover this mall cafe in Laguna.


Hiraya Manawari Cafe

Kids of the 90s, you might remember Hiraya Manawari as one of the popular educational programs by ABS CBN from your childhood. While the show with the iconic theme song ended nearly two decades ago, this cafe in Laguna of the same name might be your next favorite.

Conveniently located on the 4th floor of Robinsons Galleria South, Hiraya Manawari Cafe offers a new wave cafe experience with its extensive menu, stylish interiors, accommodating staff, and relaxing ambiance. Whether you’re catching a break in between errands or looking for a new cafe to explore, this cafe might be your cup of tea or brewed coffee (excuse the pun).

Boasting wooden tables, rattan chairs, stylish lights, and plants, the cafe’s industrial and retro interiors are bound to make you swoon at first glance. Yup, it’s one of those stylish cafes you’d want to take photos of.

They even have cute coasters for those who plan on staying to study or work – something to keep your readings or gadgets from getting wet.



The Menu

Aside from its ambiance and interiors, Hiraya Manawari Cafe’s Filipino and American menu would make you look forward to visiting more. They have the usual choice of coffee and non-coffee drinks: from a classic Drip Brew (P70) to Barista Specials like Anton’s Pumpin Spiced Latte (P180).

You can go for extra Whipped Cream (P20) or a Shot of Espresso (P45) if you need that extra kick to get you going for the day.

Hiraya Manawari isn’t just your usual cafe that serves the typical coffee and pastry pairing. They also serve an all-day breakfast menu starting at P180 for a Fried Ginger Lugaw, mains starting at P280 for Chicken Inasal, and pasta starting at P270 for Chicken Pesto.

Sandwiches are given the Pinoy twist too, like the Longganisa Burger (P220) with pickled papaya and special sauce in toasted brioche buns.

For the sweet tooth, they have cheesecakes, brownies, donuts, and cookies starting at P65.

See their full menu here.


Hiraya Manawari is open daily from 10 AM to 9 PM for deliveries and pick-up. Only fully-vaccinated individuals are allowed to dine in, so don’t forget to bring your vaccination card!



For inquiries and more information, visit Hiraya Manawari Cafe on Facebook or Instagram.

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