Travel Bucket List for Horror Movie Buffs

Would you sleep in the lodge where The Shining was shot?
by | October 27, 2017

Strategically situated on Mt. Hood, Timberline Lodge in Oregon has long been a top-of-mind choice of accommodation among visitors who want to go skiing or simply experience the high-alpine environment of the mountain. Despite being featured in the movie adaptation of Stephen King’s The Shining as “Overlook Hote,l” the lodge’s old-time charm (it was built in 1937!) with its warm and cozy interiors reassure guests that there’s nothing sinister about it. Around Halloween, the folks at Timberline Lodge organize activities for children and adults to enjoy. Their main event? A late-night screening of — guess what? — yes, The Shining.

The Dakota from Rosemary’s Baby (1968)

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