5 Best Alternative Careers for People Who Live to Travel

Work to travel, travel to work.
by | January 21, 2016

work to travel

Wanderlust is an insatiable affliction. So insatiable that you will do just about anything to scratch the itch. And this includes working too many hours to juggle two or more jobs and saving up just so you can save money for your next dream adventure.

But imagine not having to suffer through being in one place just so you can afford to leave. What if there are actually ways to combine work with travel without juggling jobs? With the right skill set, background and enough thirst for the world, you can travel for work.

Here are your best options for that career shift:

Teach English

Foreign countries are always on the lookout for English teachers. Some countries don’t even require you to have a background in education, just enough proficiency in English and a college degree is enough. That’s why speaking in English is one of the best traits to have if you want to travel for work. So if you want a job that can get you places and is rewarding, teaching English is one of the best options.

Be a merchandiser

Merchandisers don’t get to travel at first, but when you’ve got enough experience in the industry, that’s when you’ll be able to use your passport for work. Merchandisers are at the front line of sales and products, which means that you will be able to travel around the globe to meet different suppliers. A background in business will always be helpful for the job, but it’s not necessary. What’s important is to have the right mindset and enough drive and interpersonal skills to know your competitors and customers.

Go pro at surf or skate

Professional surfers and skaters are just like your typical professional basketball or football athletes: they get sponsorships and endorsements from major companies, they train 24/7, and they travel around the world to join competitions.

Pro surfers and skaters enjoy a combination of work, play and traveling, isn’t that just the perfect dream?

Photograph destination weddings

A Destination Wedding Photographer’s job is boundless. You never know where your next wedding coverage will be or how it’s going to look like, which makes this job perfect for those with an eye for photography and travel. Not only will you be able to document many couples’ most important day, but you’ll also be able to satisfy the wanderlust in you.

Write about travel


Why work for travel when you can make your work ABOUT traveling? Travel writing or blogging can take a while to become a full-time career. Travel writing is not for the faint-hearted and it’s very important to be different from other travel writers, but it’s the different cultures and people and how you communicate these to your readers that will make you a successful travel writer. (P.S. you can contribute to WindowSeat.ph!)


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