A Quaint Escape: Alaminos

In Alaminos, there are over 100 ways to escape the city.
by | January 22, 2016

A small little part of Pangasinan, Alaminos is home to a variety of  picturesque scenery. In this part of the Philippines, it’s impossible to run out of things to do on top of the fact that you have a hundred islands waiting for you to enjoy its individual beauty.

A couple strolling along the sands of one out of the many beaches that is located in Alaminos. Sometimes a little escape from the city is what lovers need to invigorate the feels.

Exploring the different islands with family and friends may provide you with endless adventures and unlimited amount of fun.

Or just grab a buddy and conquer an island or two. Alaminos is famous for Hundred Islands, each with its own look, and some with activities available for you.

Witness the way of life, mingle with the people, and embrace the culture. Alaminos is a quaint destination for those who long to escape.

And each island is an escape. It’s up to you to choose which ones to see and what things to do.

And if you’re not sure, the locals have that covered.

Each small island has its own history, background and story.

Each piece of land is special, and each one can provide a unique experience.

Consider Mother Nature as your confidant in your escape; she’ll never let you down or leave you hanging. She’ll make sure you leave with lots of memories for she writes them in the wind, on the ocean floors and on each grain of sand.

And once you are finally ready to get back to your home, do remember that road that brought you a hundred reasons to enjoy escaping life.

Sean Kevin Joya dreams to travel the world, eat all the delicacies, and capture each and every moment of his life. He never leaves the house without his camera and the appetite for adventure. You can view the world through his eyes on Instagram or relate to his experiences in his Twitter page.

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