On-the-Go Beauty: Makeup for Avid Travelers

What's in your travel makeup kit?
by | November 13, 2017

Pore Minimizing Makeup by Benefit

Benefit Pore Minimizing Makeup | PHP1,900 | Beauty MNL

It’s not exactly a primer, nor is it a foundation. Benefit calls this liquid, buildable makeup formula a tinted beauty balm that blurs the look of pores, fine lines and other imperfections. The best part: it’s super light, you won’t even feel it’s there. Plus, it doesn’t smell like anything and it comes with its own sponge that packs neatly at the bottom of the tube.

Shade Adjusting Drops

Body Shop Shade Adjusting Drops | Body Shop

You know how vacations tend to change your skin tone? Now you don’t have to worry that your foundation won’t match — you’ll just have to adjust. By that, we mean one drop is equal to half a shade lighter or darker, mix a little — et voila! Your perfect shade. What’s great is they don’t discriminate: these shade adjusting drops work with most liquid foundations.

Blush (sans the brush)

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