Mustn’t Miss Game of Thrones Events for Hardcore Fans

The fever is everywhere!
by | April 08, 2019

There’s no denying that Game of Thrones made a mark on millions of viewers around the world. With that in mind, streaming service NOW TV is taking the sentiment a little bit too literally by organizing a free tattoo event in London from 16-17 April. A hundred fans of the show will get a chance to be inked with GoT-inspired designs at a pop-up tattoo parlor in Soho by none other than celebrity tattooist Lauren Winzer, who tattooed Sophie Turner a.k.a. Sansa Stark with the quote “The Pack Survives.” An online lottery through which 50 fans will be selected was opened via ticketing website Eventbrite. The other 50 will be accommodated on a first come first served basis.

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This exhibit in Belfast

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