The World’s Chillest Restrooms

When toilet breaks are fun.
by | August 12, 2015

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In most places in the world, public restrooms got no chill. They’re usually just small tiled rooms with toilets and urinals in them. Sometimes, they’re so terrifying that the word “rest” in restroom stop making sense. Sometimes, you just want to hold it in until the next, less public toilet comes along.

But there are those rare ones that catch you off-guard. There are, somewhere out there, restrooms that let you chill and relax. Here are a few of them.

The Hut with Arc Wall in Shodoshima Island, Japan

The hut of with the arc wall and gabled roof was made by Tato Architects for the visitors of the Setouchi Triennale Art Festival. It was inspired by the timber warehouse factories of the Shodoshima’s local product, soy sauce.

The hut’s chill comes from the organic feel that  the single, arched wall, and the combination of clear and opaque roofing tiles that lets in natural light.


The Easehouse for Singeldingen Foundation in Heemraadspark, Rotterdam, Netherlands

Designed by Lagado Architects, the “pop-up” restroom can be easily taken apart and moved to a different location. It’s split into two toilets, one for adults and one for kids.

The chill factor? The easehouse lets you look up the sky while you go.


“Toigetation” in Cao Bang Province, Vietnam

This toilet is built with a brick core and a bamboo frame that holds vegetation. It looks good, and it’s sustainable.

It was designed for a school in rural Vietnam where a majority of inhabitants live in poverty and the standards of sanitation are low. The materials used are are locally sourced and easily acquired in the area. The design uses simple construction methods and can be easily reproduced. Sometimes, beauty isn’t always in the design but also in simplicity and the mindset to help.


The Golden Public Toilet in Wembley, London

So, this Wembley public toilet is gold to relive that time when “civic buildings that aimed to inspire confidence and pride in a place.” Or basically, to bring you chill and boost your self-esteem.

It was designed by Jay Gort and commissioned by Brent Council. It’s made up of golden aluminium that’s perforated to let beautiful rays of sunlight in the room.


The Roadside Reststop Akkarvikodden in Lofoten, Norway

This roadside toilet serves as a reststop for tourists. It’s small but is made up of heavy materials to make sure it wouldn’t fly off the ground. 

It gets its chill from providing a moment of seclusion for tourists who want to take a break from the very intense experience of the Norwegian landscape.

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