One Mountain a Month: A 2018 Bucket List

There's more to conquer.
by | May 11, 2018

Another active volcano that’s worth visiting is Mt. Pinatubo located between Zambales and Tarlac. Home to Aeta Tribesmen, one of the oldest indigenous tribes in the country, the terrain of this mountain is filled with boulders and lahar. To start the trek, you’ll get to board a 4×4 jeep and ride across the Crow Valley, a moon-like terrain. The view of Pinatubo’s crater with its beautiful turquoise lake will be well worth the climb. It’s important to note, however, that the color of the water changes with the season from turquoise, to green, to brown.

How to prepare: Bring ample amounts of sunscreen and a hat, there will be few shades during the hike. Also be reminded that it’s not allowed to swim in the lake, no matter how inviting it might look.

Tours: Travel Factor, TriPinas

Other sights to see: Capas National Shrine, Pinatubo Spa Town

DECEMBER: Mt. Pulag, Benguet

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