Cebu: Adventures off the Beaten Trail

Going to Cebu soon?
by | July 20, 2016

Because of its popularity, Cebu is almost always included in the itinerary of travelers.

I have been to the province of Cebu eight times and each time I still find new things to do and new places to explore. Courtesy of friends’ suggestions and travel tips from random travelers I meet on the road, here are some things you can add to your Cebu itinerary:

Chill at Tabuelan Beach

Despite having a number of small resorts, the beach that stretches along the shore of Tabuelan remains mostly uncrowded and pristine. Placed on the far side of the north-eastern part of Cebu, it retains that rural vibe perfect for anyone looking for  quiet time alone. Going here after the crazy revelry of Sinulog Festival should make you experience the best of both worlds.


Rock Climbing in Cantabaco, Toledo

Known as the “Poog Crag,” this massive rock wall in Barangay Cantabaco in the town of Toledo offers challenging routes ranging from Yosemite Decimal System 5.9 – 5.11 to hardcore rock climbers.

For those wanting to check out this rock climbing site in Cebu, Gian Jubela of Adrenaline Romance offers this travel tip: “Poog Cliff is very accessible. Take a Toledo-bound bus at the Cebu City South Bus Terminal. Ask the conductor to drop you off at the Upper Poog-Toledo Highway crossing at the left side of the Uling-Toledo highway. Your landmark is a sari-sari store named Rosita’s Store. Disembark from the bus, and take a habal-habal to Upper Poog.

Chasing (the Other) Waterfalls

Pharell Williams likes to drop the line “I am Other” because it is better to embrace one’s uniqueness. The same credo should apply to traveling in order to inspire us to explore lesser known destinations.

It is imperative for any adventurer to explore Cebu’s other off-the-beaten-path waterfalls. Especially now with all the fad about canyoneering in Badian to Kawasan falls, and how it has created foot traffic along the water stream trail.

The town of Alegria fuses together a spectacular natural weave of waterfalls and cave systems to explore. Situated in the middle of a forest, one can go cliff diving, canyoneering and spelunking for the whole day. Another experience that dishes a similar or even better time than Badian canyoneering, is the waterfalls chasing from the town of Ginatilan to Samboan, also in Southern Cebu.

A number of waterfalls can be visited through one full day of exploration such as the Cancalanog Falls, Dau falls, Binalayan Falls, Kawa Kawa Falls, Montpeller Falls, Inambakan Falls, Bugnawan Falls, Aguinid Falls, Kampael Falls, and Balaygsawa Falls.

Upstream Canyoneering in Kabutongan Falls

“Instagram-worthy” images usually reward the few who follow the water trail of Kabutongan Falls in Baranggay Malabuyoc which is situated before the town of Alegria in Southern Cebu. Navigating the steep trail consisting of a beautiful lattice of crystal clear waters, lush forest and a number of waterfalls provides a good precedent before one reaches the isolated Kabutongan Falls.


Cebu Booze Cruise

If you are big on partying, then this is a must. Hell, even if you aren’t a party person  you must experience this – given that it is also a good way to meet new friends. It initially started as an after-Sinulog event when common friends organized an island-hopping tour aboard a rented party boat.”

Today, Cebu Booze Cruise organizes a number of events that takes participants to the many islands in Cebu. After doing all sorts of adventure activities in some of Cebu’s off-the-beaten-trails, it is only fitting to cap it off with a grand boat party. Who knows, you might also meet your future adventure buddy here?

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