Packing 101: These TikTok Hacks Will Help You Prepare for Your Next Trip

Here's how to pack like a pro.
by | February 28, 2023

You’ve got your tickets booked and itinerary planned to a tee, and there’s one thing left to do: packing. Whether it’s a short getaway or three-week trip abroad, packing is one of the parts of traveling we all dread. How many outfits should you bring? What about accessories? To help you pack for your upcoming trip, here are some hacks we found on TikTok:


Fold your outfits together

@therealcindyology Folding a full outfit! #folding #clothes #organizing #organized #outfit #clothing ♬ Savage – Megan Thee Stallion

Don’t want to worry about what to wear on certain days and wish to get ready in a jiffy? Plan your outfits ahead and fold them together. Doing this creates more room for extra clothing you want to bring just in case or when you impulsively go shopping during your holiday.


Carry on is life

@wanderingpassport POV: trying to fit as much as possible in a carry on for 3 months 🤯 Link in the comments. #fyp #traveltok #packinghacks #packingtips ♬ Aesthetic Girl – Yusei

When you think you only have limited space when traveling with a carry-on, think again. This TikTok user successfully packed for a three-month trip and fit seven pairs of shorts, four pants, 17 shirts, a pair of sneakers, socks, toiletries, and accessories in one suitcase. No space wasted!


How to avoid excess baggage

@mj.aoki ❌ NO to sudden overweight charges. Prepare ahead! #travelhacks #traveltiktok #packinghacks #LearnItOnTikTok #packinghacksfortravel ♬ A lonely R & B – table_1

No one wants to open luggage in the check-in counters to meet the baggage allowance limit or pay expensive fees for excess baggage. Before you leave for your trip, weigh your bags at home using your weighing scale.

Another hack would be stepping on the scale while carrying the luggage and subtracting your actual body weight without the bags.


Packing like a pro

@the_house_acc #fy #viral #foryoupage #packinghacks ♬ Afraid To Feel (Tommy Villiers Remix) – LF SYSTEM

Tiktoker @the_house_acc shares her top five packing hacks:

  • Roll your outfits
  • Use packing cubes
  • Use a pill box for small earrings and pouches for necklaces
  • Bring bar versions of your body wash, shampoo, and conditioner
  • Use a cable organizer


Use vacuum bags

@mj.aoki Save space when traveling!!! ✈️ #travelhacks2022 #packinghacks #LearnItOnTikTok #traveltiktok #yellowbasket👇 ♬ fashion show(256764) – TimTaj

Packing cubes will keep your clothing organized but if you want to maximize your luggage space, try placing your clothes in vacuum bags. This is also perfect for chunky clothing when you’re traveling to a colder destination. Available online.


How to pack shoes

@problemsolved how to pack shoes 👞 #learnontiktok #shoes #travel ♬ Good Times With Friends (New Mix) – Sam Kearney

For longer trips that would require you to bring multiple shoes, here’s what you can do:

  • Opt for one to two pairs of versatile shoes made of soft flexible materials
  • If you’re packing chunky footwear, use its inside to store socks, clothing, or toiletries. It also helps keep the shape of the shoes.
  • Use a shoe bag to avoid dirty soles. Alternatively, you can also use a shower cap.
  • If you’re tight for space, wear your chunkier shoes to the airport and pack the lighter pair.


Packing for winter

@sideofsequins #packingcubes #packinghack #packinghacks #packingtip #winterstorage #winterstoragethings #travelpacking #travelpack ♬ original sound – Jess | Affordable Shoe Addict

Planning to visit a destination during winter time? Here’s how you pack the bulkiest outerwear, just like this full winter padded coat. To save you more space, you can also carry one during your flight.


On packing toiletries

@destination.wonderland #disneycountdown Day 5: hacks for packing your toiletries #howto #packingtips #travelhacks #packinglight #frequentflyer ♬ Island In The Sun – Weezer

Here’s how you can keep your toiletries organized and prepare for a trip without missing a thing: buy an organizer, print laminated lists, and keep them in their own compartments. This also makes looking for a certain item easier.


What are some packing hacks you live by? Share them below!


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