Palawan Beach Crawl: A Guide

Hop your way around one of the most beautiful places on Earth.
by | April 27, 2016

Palawan’s got the beaches.

…Beaches that easily justify why it’s a part of National Geographic’s list of must-visit places in the world. Now, why not visit and stretch and frolic in more than one of them in one day? Rent out a boat, or if you’re feelin’ fancy—a yacht, and hop around these world-class islands.

Nacpan beach

There’s nothing better than the fine, golden sand around your toes. This island north of El Nido boasts beautiful scenery for reflecting, crystal clear waters for a nice dip, powdery sand for r&r. Oh, and did we mention that Nacpan beach is pretty secluded? This means you might have the whole beach to yourself, too!

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Payong-Payong beach

Away from the main island of Palawan and south of Miniloc Island is Payong-payong beach, where the horizon is filled with the stunning rock formations of its neighboring islands. Another under the radar white sand beach, Payong-payong beach just what you need for a dreamily quiet and relaxed beach getaway.

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Long beach

Dubbed as the longest white sand beach in the Philippines with its 14-kilometer stretch, Long Beach in San Vicente is a stopover you wouldn’t want to pass up on.

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Star beach

Star beach is named such because of the many starfish hiding in the beach’s beautiful corals. Living among the starfish is the great number of other fish species that you can check out up close while snorkeling. Don’t forget to bring your underwater camera!

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Marimegmeg beach


After a long day of cruising among Palawan’s gems, try visiting Marimegmeg beach for the matchless sunset view. It’s one of the best God-given ways to cap off a day. The beach’s pristine waters and glistening white sand is a must-see.

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Tours and boat services

El Nido Boutique and Artcafe organize six-hour tours to satiate your island-hopping hunger. They have Tours A, B, C, Cadlao Kayak and Snorkel Tour, Miniloc Kayak Tour, a half-day tour, and tours A, B and C. Check out their website for more information here.

But, if you want a more personalized itinerary (that’s much, much more expensive), you can opt to rent your own boat or yacht complete with amenities and the crew. Check out Tao Philippines, Leopard 42 and Raja Laut Yacht.

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