8 Pasalubong-Perfect Treats From Taiwan

Bring home some of the island’s finest treats.
by | October 03, 2017

Returning from a culinary haven like Taiwan, what better way to surprise your folks back at home than bringing them some of the island’s finest treats to sample? From the quintessential Taiwanese teas to the sweet-and-tart pineapple cake, here are eight yummy specialties from the heart of Asia that deserve some space in your luggage:


Chewy and creamy with a crunch, the nougat is a well-loved treat in Taiwan! In fact, the city of Taichung even has a museum especially dedicated to the seriously addictive milk-and-nut candy, where you can experiment with flavors and create your very own version of it! Now, ain’t that fun?

Where to buy: Sugar & Spice is a homegrown brand that saw its early beginnings in 1996 Taichung. It is now one of Taiwan’s most popular confectionery stores that attract nougat lovers from near and far. Make sure to get a hold of as many freshly made nougats and cakes on your visit here!

Taiwanese Tea

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