8 Pasalubong-Perfect Treats From Taiwan

Bring home some of the island’s finest treats.
by | October 03, 2017

One of Taiwan’s most prized products, tea is a definite must-buy during your trip! Ask any tea connoisseur and they will tell you to bring home oolong tea leaves grown high in the Ali Mountains of central Taiwan, which are known for their exquisite taste and delicate floral notes.

Not a fan of traditional teas? Milky teas that come in various flavors are also extremely popular in Taiwan, particularly among the younger crowd.

Where to buy: With its extensive selection and lovely staff, Lin Hua Tai Tea Company, the oldest tea-selling shop in Taipei, is a great place to get your tea shopping done. Clay pots, cups, and other tea accessories that are perfect for gifting are also available in the store. For milky teas like Chun Cui He that come in Instagram-worthy bottles, head on over to the nearest convenience store or supermarket.

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