8 Pasalubong-Perfect Treats From Taiwan

Bring home some of the island’s finest treats.
by | October 03, 2017

The pineapple cake is among Taiwan’s most beloved food gifts. Almost every Taiwanese bakeshop has its own version of this pastry that boasts the lusciously sweet and mildly tart flavor of the island’s succulent pineapples. You just can’t come home from Taiwan without bringing a box full of these extremely tempting goodies!

Where to buy: Award-winning Chia Te Bakeshop has been around selling this delicacy for decades now and remains as everyone’s number 1 pineapple cake shop. Sunny Hills, however, has emerged as a new favorite and a rival to Chia Te. Its pastry is more moist and buttery, and one could easily tell that its filling is made with the freshest ingredients, because of its fibrous texture and all-natural pineapple taste.

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