Playlist: The Best Road Trip Tracks Ever Made

Set the soundtrack to your trip!
by | November 12, 2015

Ahhh, the ever elusive road trip playlist. People have different opinions of what makes a road trip playlist good. A playlist may not satisfy the taste of one person but could be the best thing ever for another. Basically, everybody has their own playlist.

One thing is sure though, there are timeless songs that everybody should include in their playlist because it’s just plain old good taste in music. In the list below, classics as well as some songs from recent times have been included. So the next time you are going on the road for an adventure don’t forget to include some of these tracks on your playlist:

The Cardigans – My Favorite Game

This tune will make you feel like driving at constant speed on an open highway.

Home – Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros

The emotion this song bringss out of you makes it one of the best songs to listen to if you’re on a long drive on the way home.

The Ataris – Boys of Summer

This cover of the Don Henley classic makes it instantly feel like a never-ending summer.

Air – Moon Safari (Full Album)

Beautiful melodies, basslines, and ambient noises make up this beautiful masterpiece. Listen to the whole album on a long drive for the full experience. You will not be disappointed.

Rusted Root – Send Me on My Way


This is a great song to get the good vibes going on a long road trip.

The Proclaimers – I’m Gonna Be (500 miles)

Just like in How I Met Your Mother, this song is sure to make everyone in the car sing along.

ACDC – Highway to Hell

This classic is guaranteed to make everyone in the car put their devil horns up in the air in honor of kick-ass rock and roll.

The Eagles – Life in the Fast Lane

The title says it all. This classic should be in everyone’s road trip playlist.

Zion I – Coastin’

Not many people know this song but this is an excellent song to go around cruising in. Give it a listen!

Twenty One Pilots – Car Radio

This new age rap-rock medley is great for long drives as its different but still refreshing.

Motley Crue – Home Sweet Home

Another classic on the list that has to be included because of the way it hits you right in the feels.

Tom Cochrane – Life is a Highway

This song is sure to be on the top of countless road trip playlists and for good reason. There really is nothing better than listening to this song while driving on an open highway.


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