Scenes from Morotai, one of Indonesia’s ‘New Bali’

Your new paradise destination awaits.
by | August 22, 2019


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Morotai is just one of those hidden gems, and one of the exciting priority tourism destinations identified under the Indonesian government’s “10 New Balis” project to spread the impact of tourism. As one of Indonesia’s northernmost islands, Morotai is still rarely visited by tourists as the area is considered remote, even for Indonesian citizens.



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Geographically, the Philippines is located directly to the North of Morotai. In fact, during World War II, Morotai served as a strategic airbase from which they allied forces attacked posts in the Philippines and Borneo. With infrastructure being developed, including new direct flights connecting Davao to Manado in the works, it’s only a matter of time before this undiscovered paradise becomes an alternative getaway to Bali as well as a faster and more affordable entry point for Filipinos based in Mindanao to explore this less-visited side of Indonesia.



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For travelers who want to explore an exciting new destination away from the tourist crowds, here are just a few of the breathtaking spots you can visit around Morotai


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