Scenes from Morotai, one of Indonesia’s ‘New Bali’

Your new paradise destination awaits.
by | August 22, 2019


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One of the most rewarding island-hopping destinations you can spend a whole afternoon in Morotai is Dodola Island. Formed from two islands called Big Dodola and Samll Dodola, this lovely island is connected by a strip narrow sandbar that you can cross by foot when the water recedes.



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Dodola offers stunning beach scenery on the shore from every angle and beaches on opposites sides of the island ideal for swimming, with just light to moderate waves and calm waters. The island has modest picnic huts, benches and trees offering shade, making it a good place for picnics and lunch during your island-hopping tour.

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There are various snorkeling and diving sites in the areas around the island, which offer a view of coral reefs and colorful fish.


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