See More, Do More: Travel Resolutions for 2019

How we can all travel better this year.
by | January 15, 2019

Most of us have become addicted to sharing every aspect of our lives on social media. Just browsing through Facebook and Instagram and chatting with friends online can suck up the whole day. Disconnecting from your smartphones and connecting more with people in real life can leave you with a greater high.

If you’ve become somewhat jaded about travel, why not resolve to make trips more about the actual experiences rather than trying to document everything? Try leaving your phone or camera at home once in a while. How about exploring without a plan or access to Googlemaps or actually looking at places through your own eyes instead of a lens? You can minimize online distractions by deleting certain apps or disabling / limiting social media notifications so you can just enjoy the moment while you’re there.


How about you? What are you travel resolutions this 2019?


Kara Santos is a freelance writer and photographer. When not on the road or motorcycling off somewhere for the weekend, she’s leveling up her experience points in the latest PlayStation RPG. Read about her real-life and virtual adventures on her blog Travel Up.


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