PSA: Seoul Metro to Offer Unlimited Subway Passes for Tourists

Here’s to cities with efficient public transportation.
by | September 13, 2023

One of the best ways to save on travel costs is to utilize the destination’s public transportation, especially if it’s as affordable and efficient as Seoul’s. The subway maps can get overwhelming at first, but with the help of transportation apps, you’ll be commuting like a local in no time. If you’re planning to spend the holidays in Seoul, you’re in luck as Seoul Metro announced unlimited subway travel passes for tourists. Here’s what we know so far:


Unlimited subway travel passes

Seoul Metro, Seoul’s subway operator, announced in August that it will issue travel passes that offer unlimited subway access to cater to the influx of tourists visiting the city. The firm will be issuing one-day and three-day passes. This is based on data that 36.8 percent of tourists in Seoul visit for an average of four to seven days.


How much will these unli passes be?

The Korea Times reports that prices will be the following:

  • 5,600 won for a one-day pass (approx. PHP 238)
  • 11,800 won for a three-day pass (approx. PHP 501)

These passes will be available later this year.  Note that the prices shared with The Korea Times are still subject to change.

For more information or updates, keep posted on Seoul Metro’s official website or download the Seoul Subway mobile app.



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