Here’s How Traveling to Thailand Will Look Like in the ‘New Normal’

Though international travel isn't allowed yet, Thailand is already preparing itself for foreign tourists.
by | June 18, 2020

For months, the usually tourist-filled attractions in Thailand, such as the Grand Palace, Pattaya Floating Market, and Wat Pho, have been empty and quiet. But now, Thailand is already beginning to carefully ease business and activity restriction. Restaurants, accommodations, tourist attractions, public transportation, retail shops, and other businesses have reopened, and the government is considering lifting the night curfew and allowing more businesses to resume — except entertainment venues and wet massage parlors.

Though Thailand isn’t accepting foreign tourists yet, when international travel is permitted again, the country will be more than ready. Here’s why.


A dedicated taskforce

Courtesy Tourism Authority of Thailand

Thailand has formed an organization dedicated to preparing the tourism industry for the New Normal: the Amazing Thailand Safety and Health Administration (SHA). The SHA was designed specifically to address the safety and health concerns of tourists and establishments, ensuring that those involved in tourism practice disease prevention measures properly so that both domestic and international tourists can feel safe. The organization has set standards for frequent sanitation, the provision of cleaning equipment, and protection for workers.

The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) gives SHA certificates to establishments that tourists can visit. These establishments have to comply with strict health guidelines, and their SHA certificates can be revoked if they fail to comply with SHA’s standards.


Efficient contact tracing

Courtesy Tourism Authority of Thailand

One of the projects spearheaded by the SHA is Thai Chana, which is a registration system that allows businesses to register and upload their service receipts for contact tracing. Thai Chana would be useful in monitoring infected people as it automatically sends information to the Ministry of Public Health.


Safety first

Courtesy Tourism Authority of Thailand

Of course, tourists should practice proper hygiene practices wherever they go. This includes wearing a face mask, frequent hand-washing, maintaining a distance of at least one meter away from other people, avoiding paying in cash, and booking appointments ahead of time to avoid crowds.


Will you be traveling to Thailand when international travel is allowed again?



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