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More locations to add to your bucket list!

New categories for countries are also introduced.

Onti na lang!

Plan your travels accordingly.

Time to reschedule your flights.

Do you know any foreigner who intends to visit the country before the travel ban? Let them know about this update!

Japan is planning on lifting its entry ban for foreign tourists and setting up a few new entry requirements.

Looking forward to international travel?

...For non-tourism purposes, so don't book that flight yet.

You might be able to visit Baguio sooner than you think.

Head to your local health office now.

Can you blame them, though?

Though international travel isn't allowed yet, Thailand is already preparing itself for foreign tourists.

Could this be the answer to the local tourism industry's woes?

Here's what you need to present.

Remember: it's not air travel for leisure.

Reap the wonders of technology!

Fancy staying in the Maldives for 2 weeks?

Don't worry, it's only temporary.

Public safety is the priority right now, not fulfilling travel goals.