The One-Month Weekend Travel Challenge: February 2020 Edition

Go on an adventure this month!
by | February 08, 2020

Love month is officially upon us. Whether you want to go on an adventure with your special someone or if you just want to get some alone time, why not try hiking? There are a lot of mountains near the metro that will amaze you with their breathtaking views. So get your hiking gear on as we show you these different mountains near the metro.


Week One: Mt. Daguldol, Batangas


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You take my breath away. 👃

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If you want to witness the amazing woodland go to Mt. Daguldol! Its beautiful scenery will have you in awe as you explore the mountain’s rich forest. Beautiful butterflies are also set to welcome you as you climb along the mountain.


Weekend Two: Mt. Daraitan, Rizal


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Because no hike is ever too long with a good company 💚 [insert @rheacamillechong @ralphcolinchong ]

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For a more daring adventure Mt. Daraitan will make you explore its beautiful rock formations. The mountain is also full of caves and natural pools to complete your weekend adventure. Another added bonus is that Mt. Daraitan has a river so you can enjoy a quick dip after a very long hike.


Weekend Three: Mt. Manalmon, Bulacan

The beautiful Mt. Manalmon witnessed a very historical event, the mountain is part of the Biak-na-Bato Park. The mountain is very easy to climb and is home to Madlum River as well as a Madlum cave that is historic because of an 18th-century relic.


Weekend Four: Mt. Batulao, Batangas


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Sometimes you just need to step out and explore the world beyond. Feed your soul. Adventure awaits. ⛰ . 📷 : @markbuither .

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Explore the beautiful Mt. Batulao that is the perfect escape from the Metro, the mountains beautiful gorilla shaped ridge line is a sight of wonders. Once you’ve reached the top you’ll also see an amazing view of Batangas that will surely have you in awe.


Weekend Five: Mt. Balagbag-Maranat, Rizal



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Morning bliss. ☀️ Back to the mountains, finally. ⛰ #grateful365

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Climbing Mt. Balagbag will lead you to a very wonderful surprise as you’ll be able to see the beautiful Maranat falls. So you’ll not only see the amazing view from above but also visit the beautiful falls located at the mountain.


Which Mountain near the Metro do you want to climb? Tell us below! 

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