Go on a Secluded Nature Retreat at This Mountain Cabin in Antipolo

Bring your pet, a book, and go off the grid.
by | June 09, 2021

With days full of emails, responsibilities at home, and the constant buzzing of notifications you have to deal with every day, you’ve probably thought of escaping this noise and monotony even just for a few days. Tucked within the mountains of Antipolo, this cabin is worth checking out for your next staycation.


Antipolo Mountain Cabin at Phillip’s Sanctuary

With little to no phone signal, this new cabin is the place to be if you want to go off the grid for a few days. Located in Phillip’s Sanctuary, a 30-hectare farm estate in Antipolo, this mountain cabin would give you the peace and relaxation you’ve been probably dreaming of. After all, going on a nature retreat is one of the ways to reset and recharge.

via Airbnb

via Airbnb

This mountain cabin can accommodate up to four guests and it has two double beds. The room gives a view of the green outdoors, adding to its peaceful ambiance. For guests of more than four, three floor mattresses are also available.

via Airbnb

via Airbnb

There are spots to explore around Phillip’s Sanctuary, including a swimming pool you can have to yourself, as well as animal enclosures with furry and feathered friends like ostriches! They also have various outdoor activities like obstacle courses, ziplining, and camping.

via Airbnb

via Airbnb

Rates at this mountain cabin in Antipolo start at P3,980 per night.


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    hi, so when you go to this place, what exact location should we pin on the GRAB? Philips Sanctuary?

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