Things All First-Time Visitors Should Do in Manila

Here's how you can stay away from tourist traps.
by | April 07, 2016

First-timers in Metro Manila have high expectations for the most populous region in the Philippines. They expect an exciting nightlife, great restaurants, very chill bars with good music, and people and culture unlike any other place. And that’s not untrue. Metro Manila offers just those to its locals and tourists and it never disappoints.

Here are 8 things first-timers can do in Metro Manila that will satisfy your craving for adventure:

 Experience a Kalesa Ride and Authentic Chinese Food in Binondo



Established in 1594, Binondo is the first and oldest Chinatown in the world and has since been the cultural and business melting pot of Filipinos and Chinese. Binondo is the perfect place to go if you want to drown in the rich cultures of China and the Philippines.

You can choose your favorite from various Chinese restaurants like Ying Ying, Wai Ying Dimsum, and Wan Chai Tea House, among others. After eating, you can ride a kalesa to go around Escolta street’s legendary buildings.

Shop at the Legazpi and Salcedo Weekend Markets



If you’re looking for the best locally-produced food, the Salcedo Saturday Market and the Legazpi Sunday Market are what can make your dreams come true. With food stalls that change every week, your visit to the two markets will never get boring. Varying from Filipino food to Churros, from DIY minute-baked cakes to healthy cow’s milk, the two markets can brighten up your early morning cravings.

Walk through Manila’s History in Intramuros



You may know the city’s name, but not it’s history.

Traveling to a great city will never be complete if you don’t know the history it went through. Manila’s history is beautiful, and this is exactly what Intramuros proves to tourists.

Go around and check out Intramuros’ beautiful buildings and barracks from the 1900s. Follow Jose Rizal’s footsteps to the historical Fort Santiago and find out why Filipinos, Americans and Spaniards fought for this beautiful city.

Fill Your Artistic Cravings



Metro Manila is also a great place for artists and art enthusiasts, and the galleries in almost every city from Alabang to Marikina are testaments to that. Visit the Blanc Gallery, Post Gallery, and Art Underground for an artsy adventure.


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