Where to Go in Kazan

Travel back in time.
by | December 06, 2018

Kazan is the capital of Tatarstan; it has Islamic influence as seen in some of the region’s most famous monuments. The city is a noteworthy destination because of its rich history and culture. If you’re planning to go, here are some of the attractions to include in your itinerary.


Kazan Kremlin

This UNESCO World Heritage-listed site is an important historical landmark in the city. This Tatar fortress is centuries old and is a remnant of the Golden Horde and Khanate of a bygone epoch. Walking around the walled fort is like time traveling. This relic of the past contrasts with the bustling modern city surrounding it.


Kul Sharif Mosque

Built in the 16th century, this beautiful blue and white mosque is a reminder of the Khanate’s influence in the region. It was said to be Europe’s biggest mosque at thetime of its completion. In the 1550s, Ivan the Terrible and his army siezed Kazan and destroyed the mosque in the process. The process of rebuilding the mosque only began in the 90s and finished by the mid-2000s. Visit during sunset to take beautiful photos.


Bauman Street

This pedestrian street is a local hangout place lined with cafes, restaurants, bars, shops and beautiful buildings. You can spend an hour or so just walking and taking the experience in. There are also fetching old churches along the street.


Palace of Farmers

This stunning building just outside the Kremlin is home to the Ministry of Agriculture. It’s baroque design makes it stand out from the other buildings in the city. Its most striking feature is the outline of a tree on one part of its exterior.


Suyumbike Tower

This 58m high tower is one of the recognizable buildings in Kazan. It leans slightly by around 2m; it is the local version of the Leaning Tower of Pisa in Italy. The tower also has an interesting legend about the reason for its construction. According to local lore, after Ivan the Terrible successfully captured Kazan he wanted to marry Princess Suyumbike. Before agreeing, she wanted him to build the tallest tower at the time. The Tsar obliged, but soon after its completion, the princess went to the top and jumped to her death.



This town is centuries old and is a great day trip from the city. It used to be a fortress built in the 1550s and was a base for campaigns during the siege on Kazan. This is where you’ll see the UNESCO-listed Assumption Cathedral and Monastery. Walk around to get a glimpse of the town’s storied past.


Admire the Beautiful Buildings

Kazan is a beautiful city where the old meets the modern. You’ll see many beautiful churches and buildings lining its streets. The varied design influence of ancient, Soviet and contemporary styles make for an interesting couple of hours walk.


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