Hello, Negros Occidental: 7 Must-Visit Destinations for a Getaway to Remember

Welcome to the Sugarbowl of the Philippines
by | July 15, 2022

Though most known as the Sugarbowl of the Philippines, Negros Occidental is a breathtaking paradise in its own right. Picture-perfect beaches, waterfalls, and serene hideaways, to name a few, awaits weekend warriors for a one-of-a-kind adventure. There’s always time for well-deserved relaxation, and this is your sign to do it now! Consider this list as a guide if you’re planning to visit Negros Occidental.


The Ruins


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Known as the “Taj Mahal of the Philippines,” this beautiful manor in Talisay was built on love and tragedy. The 900-meter mansion honors the memories of Don Mariano Ledesma Lacson’s wife, Maria Braga, who passed away while she was pregnant with their child. It’s made of pure concrete and has an Italian architectural design, with landscaped gardens. Locals can find two M letters etched on every post of the mansion; a testament to the couple’s undying love.


Danjugan Island


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Lagoons, pristine white sand beaches, mangrove forests, and thriving biodiversity — Danjugan Island is a picture-perfect tropical paradise where there’s only you and nature. It’s managed by the Philippine Reef and Rainforest Conservation Foundation, Inc (PRRCFI), teaching tourists about the importance of conserving and protecting marine life. Take note that the non-profit organization only accepts a limited number of visitors on the island. Check out their website to know more.


Mag-Aso Falls


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Negros Occidental is home to numerous scenic waterfalls like Mag-Aso Falls. The sound of crystal clear turquoise waters cascading down a 36-meter cliff is like a soft lullaby, drawing out your stress after a long, grueling workweek. There are also several cottage areas that you can rent overnight, and visitors are allowed to bring their own food.



Jomax Peak


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Did somebody say picnic and camping? Jomax Peak provides a panoramic view of Don Salvador Benedicto where visitors can do sightseeing or stargazing. After setting up your tent for the night, sit on the pavilion or veranda and marvel at the nature spectacle surrounding you while sipping some freshly brewed coffee. Ah, that sounds like a perfect day!


Carbin Reef


This tongue-shaped sandbar looks like something you’ll see straight out of a postcard or painting. A stretch of fine white sand rests in the middle of an ocean, with riveting shades of blue filling every inch of space there is. Down below, a 200-hectare marine seascape awaits! Even though there are nearby cottages, the humid weather can be overwhelming, so always carry sunblock with you. 


Tinagong Dagat


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The hike leading to Tinagong Dagat takes 4 to 5 hours, but once you’re there, it’s all worth it. The picturesque flat terrain is found on Mount Mandalagan, abounding in lush greenery, cerulean skies, and spots to lay a mat to put your feet up. It’s best to visit during the summertime because the flat terrain becomes a water puddle once the rainy season arrives. 


Buenos Aires Mountain Resort

If you’re looking forward to spending a day or two in nature without having to rough it out on woodlands or by the seashore, head to Buenos Aires Mountain Resort. It has a variety of accommodation packages, ranging from P200 to P3,500. Vibrant blooms and lush trees adorn the entire resort. There’s also an Olympic-size swimming pool to take a dip after traveling around the city. 


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