July 2020

They now deliver!

Free classes? Sign me up!

Entrance fee is just Php 30.

Good food with a view? Perfect.

*takes 10,000 pictures of one drink*

They're too pretty to eat.

ArtSector Gallery and Chimney Rooftop 360 is open during quarantine.

Be one with the sea.

It's definitely one of a kind.

You can rest easy if you need to travel.

A dream getaway!

Drive-in cinemas can be the next new normal.

It will still be visible for the next few days.

A treat for nature lovers.

How do we get over this seapanx?

Thanks to light pollution, admiring the heavenly bodies from the city isn't exactly the easiest task. But thankfully, there are plenty of places around the Metro that are perfect for stargazing. This beach resort in Zambales, for instance, is a

Everything's just picture-perfect.

See you later, Manila!

Your own spacious place complete with a private pool.

Dine like you're in your favorite drama.

Wishing we can have our own rest house as scenic as this one.