Wild Mountain Goats

These Wild Mountain Goats Are Taking Over the Streets in the UK and People Are Loving It

We want to see them, too.
by | April 10, 2020

When there’s a global pandemic all across the world, people would grab onto whatever good news they’d find on the internet. Like animals coming out of hiding because humans have gone into their own equivalent of ‘caves’ as it were. But not all of those news are actually true, as National Geographic has debunked time and again. Though there are some which certainly have some truth in them — like these wild mountain goats taking over the streets of a town called Llandudno in North Wales. 

The most Welsh thing ever?

Twitter user luckytran claimed this might be the ‘most Welsh thing ever’. I’m not Welsh nor have I ever been in Wales, so we’ll take his word for it, especially since fellow Twitter user kiripritchardmc apparently agrees. 

Goat appreciation time

Look at all these people just appreciating these goats. We would, too, if this happened near our homes. This whole Twitter thread by Andrew Stuart is just a whole mood. We want to give these goats the appreciation they deserve, too.

And the fact that these goats are practicing social-distancing? Just makes us appreciate them more, just like the local police did.


Have you seen any interesting animal take-overs from around the world? Share them with us below!


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