Windowseat Tunes: 5 Records to Inspire Your Next Solo Adventure

A little bit of sonic courage goes a long way.
by | September 17, 2016

Whether you’re out hiking in the mountains or touring foreign cities, you’ll need music to fill the silence and imbue an awesome soundtrack to your trip.

Here are our top international album picks to inspire and uplift you on your next adventure, to give you courage to be open to the love and revelations that the road may hold. May you find joy wherever your feet may take you.

More Windowseat tune picks will be coming your way!

A Head Full of Dreams by Coldplay

With upbeat tracks to get your heart pumping, Coldplay’s latest album will be a great accompaniment to your spontaneous outdoor adventures.

Love is a Four Letter Word by Jason Mraz

Jason Mraz’s soothing vocals, and lyrics shining with optimism, will get your head bopping and hips swaying without a care for who’s around you. It’s perfect for long drives, lounging around the beach, and when you just want to live in the moment.

Make Out by LANY

For when you’ve fallen in love with a total stranger on your travels and need music to capture your emotions of longing, pleasure, kilig, and melancholy. Alternatively, it’s also a great playlist for reminding yourself of the vastness of the world and how you’re only a small part of it. Live life to the fullest while you’re still alive.

Wilder Mind by Mumford and Sons

This album is best listened to when, after the thrill over experiencing the sights and sounds of a foreign country has died down, you realize how incredibly lonely you are.

E•MO•TION by Carly Rae Jepsen


Her blood pumping, confidence-boosting dance tunes will drive you to put on a brave face and take on the strange streets on your own. A great album for throwing out all caution and carefully made plans to the wind.

Know more albums that provide the best background music for your solo intrepid travels? Share them with us!

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