Rough It Out and Enjoy a Private Island Getaway at these Cozy Beach Cabins

There will be two cabins during your stay.
by | January 31, 2022

Glamping is a popular activity these days that won’t let you skimp on comfort while enjoying the great outdoors. If having the sea as your front yard is your definition of a healing nature trip, a weekend at the A-Cabins at Calilayan Island with your best friends will be one for the books.


The A-Cabins at Calilayan Island

The soft crashing of waves, privacy, and exclusivity – these are just some of what awaits at these A-Cabins nestled on an off-grid island. Perfect for barkadas who want to get away from it all, a short boat ride to Calilayan Island in Pagbilao, Quezon will let you experience living off-grid for a night or two.

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You’ll have two a-frame wooden cabins during your stay on the island. Each cabin is good for two, with two single mattresses. It also overlooks the sea, which will let you witness colorful skies in the early mornings and at sunset.

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via Airbnb

These cabins are managed by the same owners of a beach house on the island, so trust that you’ll be the only ones during your stay.

Included in your stay is the use of a toilet, bath, and kitchen, which are located in separate areas within the property. Even though you’ll be on an off-grid island, you’ll still have electricity 24/7, which is powered through solar panels. This should be enough to charge basic electronics like phones, speakers, and laptops.


Nearby attractions

Calilayan Island is nestled in the middle of Pagbilao Bay. Located at its northern end is a 400-meter cream sandbar also known as Tulay Buhangin, with Mt. Banahaw as its background. Don’t miss out on taking photos here!

The island is also near Pagbilao Mangrove Experimental Forest, the home of bakawan mangrove trees. According to the DENR, the forest has the largest collection of mangrove trees in the Philippines.


How to get there

To get to the take-off point to the island, simply enter Silangang Nayon Park & Restaurant, Pagbilao, Quezon on Waze or Google Maps.


Rates at the A-Cabins start at P13,286 per night. Book your stay here.


For inquiries and more information on travel requirements, contact the Airbnb host.

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