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It’s not wrong to prioritize yourself every once in a while.

Don't leave your pets behind, they're welcome here too.

Disconnect from the internet and reconnect with your besties!

Get closer to nature over the weekend!

There will be two cabins during your stay.

Don't underestimate its size, it's packed with amenities that will make your stay more memorable.

They're pet-friendly too!

It has three bedrooms and a sweeping view of the mountains and tall pine trees.

You deserve a cozy Baguio getaway.

Bring your pet, a book, and go off the grid.

Just a three-hour drive from the Metro.

You can bring your bikes and skateboards!

You'll feel like you're on top of the world.

They offer activities including swimming, archery, and ATV.

Your dream vacation house away from home.

Get that Bali experience sans expensive plane tickets!

This view, all for yourself.