A Taste of Tainan: The City’s Best Bites

by | December 05, 2018

If you see a food stall with ridiculously long lines early in the morning, it probably sells beef soup – thin slices of beef in a generous helping of piping hot savory broth that has a distinct brownish-red color from its lengthened cooking time. The fanfare for this dish in Tainan is so outrageous, some joints (including Six Thousand Beef Soup on Haian Road, where you can get the best bowl of beef soup) sell out before 8 in the morning!



Andy Flores is a pathological penny pincher with impulse shopping and binge-eating tendencies. She’s constantly saving up for new adventures, so she dabbles in writing jobs here and there. Her not-so-secret dream is to be an extra in a big Bollywood movie.

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