Enjoy a Scenic Mountain View at This Private Hot Spring Resort in Los Baños

The best views of the mystic mountain.
by | March 05, 2021

Los Baños is full of with different hot spring resorts that are popular destinations all year round, which is why its name literally translates to “the baths”. If you’ve been dreaming of experiencing the relaxing waters the town is famous for, this spring resort could be the location of your next getaway.


Al Fresco Springs

Located at a 42-hectare subdivision at the foot of Mt. Makiling, Al Fresco Springs 2 is a resort that was built in 2017. It has a predecessor of the same name built in 2016 and both spring resorts offer guests a slice of privacy and relaxation.

Ideal for larger groups, Al Fresco Springs 2 has ample space for accommodating up to 30 people, which is perfect for summer reunions, intimate celebrations, or simple overnight swimming with the barkada. For safety, the swimming pool has separate areas for adults and kids.

It’s also ideal for team-building activities as it has a conference room for up to 16 people, or it could be your next WFH location for a day.



Featuring Asian-inspired design and decor, this spring resort is truly insta-worthy all over, especially its outdoor area. Located by the pool are lounge areas perfect for afternoon chikahans over drinks or karaoke.

The house boasts five large rooms, one of which is a room for seniors that has a single and a double bed. It’s perfect for celebrations with the family where you don’t have to worry about the seniors’ safety from going up and downstairs.

The resort also has ample space by the pool for playing and dining.

One of the best places to enjoy Mt. Makiling’s view is from the balcony on the second floor. Just imagine yourself waking up early for this view with a cup of hot coffee – what could be more relaxing than that? The balcony also connects to the conference room, where you’ll get a view of the greenery outside.

It’s not a Pinoy outing without karaoke and a pool table. The house also has a basic cable TV and WiFi connection, just in case you need to get extra work done.


How to get there

Al Fresco Springs Private Resort is located at Lakewood Subdivision, Lot 28 Block 30, Tom’s Creek St. Brgy. Los Baños, 4030 Laguna.


Rates at Al Fresco Springs 2 start at P20,000 for a 21-hr (2 PM- 11 AM) stay.


For bookings and more information, visit Al Fresco Spring Resort’s official website

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