Aloha Palawan: New Discoveries at Puerto Princesa

Treasures are still being discovered in these shores!
by | May 30, 2018

Km. 3 Puerto Princesa North Road,
Brgy. San Manuel, Puerto Princesa City,
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Situated at the heart of Puerto Princesa, a mere 15-minute drive from the airport is this elegant 5-storey hotel. Hue Hotels’ simplicity and sweet architecture is what will charm any traveler or tourist. The walls of their open-air lobby are decked by bronze birds and a dispenser of refreshing cold water is in a corner to refresh guests the moment they arrive. A huge chess board on the floor is also designed to help guests pass time.

Hue Hotels’ 122 rooms are spacious and cozy, neatly designed so the lavatory is separated from the shower room for convenience. They house Matiz Restaurant and Tapas Bar, a Filipino-Spanish Diner and restaurant on the ground floor. If you’re a heavy breakfast eater, their breakfast buffet which has everything from rice meals to cereals will satisfy you.


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