4 of the Hippest Accommodations in Bohol

Awesome places to stay for any kind of budget!
by | November 15, 2016

If the Philippines can be summed up into one specific island, it would be Bohol. Traveling there already checks off most, if not all, in your “to experience” bucket list for this country, including the stunning white beaches, a diverse wildlife, amazing nature, and a rich history. So if you’re planning to go there any time soon, here are a few of the hippest accommodations within the area you can book.

Bohol Bee Farm Hotel

Price ranges from Php 3,000 to Php 6,000
Dauis, Panglao Island, Bohol
+632 664 7266|

The Bohol Bee Farm is a privately-owned hotel that also has an organic bee farm widely visited by tourists. It sits atop a cliff just a kilometer away from Panglao Island, making it a challenge to find but definitely worth the effort. Its restaurant offers a unique healthy dining experience while it surrounds you with nature. It takes 15 minutes to reach the nearest beach, but you can still enjoy wading in the seawater at the foot of the cliff, or you can go relax in the resort pools.

Visit their website for booking inquiries and contact details.

South Palms Resort


Price ranges from Php 12,000 to Php 41,000
Brgy. Bolod, Panglao Island, Bohol
+63 38 502 8288, +63 917 716 7609|

South Palms Resort is eye candy for weary travelers longing for rest and relaxation. It may cost a small fortune, but the experience of slowing down to delight in the white sandy beaches and clear blue waters of the beach are worth every centavo. This is a place you can confidently describe as a paradise on Earth.


Visit their website for booking inquiries and contact details.

Eksaya Resort


Price ranges from Php 29,000 to Php 181,000
Brgy. Tawala, Panglao Island, Bohol
+632 654 6480, +632 656 4205|

Feel like royalty in the most luxurious resort in Bohol, the Eskaya Resort and Spa. If you’re a self-admitted fussy traveler who doesn’t mind splurging for a pleasurable stay, you’ll get more bang for your buck here than anywhere else. It’s built with traditional Filipino architectural design that will make you admire the Filipino heritage as you savor your getaway at this local beach heaven.



Visit their website for booking inquiries and contact details.

Ocean Suites


Price ranges from Php 4,480 to Php 7,840
Blood Compact Shrine, East Tagbilaran Road, Brgy. Bool, Tagbilaran City, Bohol
+63 38 411 1031, 0917 654 7217|

Get the most refreshing views of Bohol at Ocean Suites Boutique Hotel, a nice accommodation situated beside the Blood Compact monument. The pristine white facade gives off a calming aura that will guarantee a stress-free stay. You won’t believe how you’ll be paying less for good quality service and beautiful facilities.



Visit their website for booking inquiries and contact details.


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