On Your Next Joyride, Take a Quick Coffee Break at This Cute Roadside Cafe in Silang, Cavite

Take a break from driving and warm up with a cup of coffee.
by | July 27, 2021

Going on a weekend ride with the squad? Whether you’re traveling to or from Tagaytay through Silang, Cavite, you’re bound to have pit stops along the way. So if you’re craving a sweet nightcap, this cute little roadside cafe will make your stay worthwhile. It’s like what other people always say: great dining comes from the most unexpected places.


Brew + Bakes Cafe

Everyone loves a day trip to Tagaytay and one of the most convenient routes to get there is through Silang. It’s quite a long journey, but that’s what pit stops are for!

Situated in the eastern portion of Cavite, Brew + Bakes Cafe makes for the perfect tambayan for friends and families out on a joyride. Brew + Bakes Cafe serves desserts, pastries, and freshly brewed coffee in a laidback, cozy atmosphere for everyone. It’ll surely satisfy your caffeine needs for your next road trip.

Day-trippers with a penchant for coffee and sweets will surely enjoy their frappucinos and cold brews. Try their crowd-pleasers such as the Nut-a-Frappe or Pink Drink. For traditional coffee lovers, Brews + Bakes Cafe also serves up coffee house staples including Espresso, Americano, and Macchiato.

You can pair these exquisite refreshers with little pick-me-uppers in the form of cheesecakes. Get your breakfast fix with their Blueberry Cheesecake, Carrot Cheesecake, or Matcha Cheesecake. They also offer classic Filipino dishes such as Tapsilog and Sizzling Sisig over at their sister restaurant next door, The 7267.


Cool and cozy ambiance at a convenient location

Brew + Bakes Cafe resides at the H.U.G.A.S. Car Wash and Auto Detailing in Barangay Pasong Langka, Silang. Just a few dance steps away from Tagaytay, it certainly makes for an ideal date night or hang-out session with your friends over delectable desserts and hot coffee.

The cafe also boasts an industrial, rustic finish with a major alfresco dining setting right next to the auto shop. And for a roadside cafe of its size, Brew + Bakes Cafe’s repurposed mini container van design provides a relaxing, cozy atmosphere than we’ve ever imagined. You also get to enjoy the view of Santa Rosa Road from the upstairs balcony. And you can also bring your fellow weekend warriors to the refreshing outdoor seating. This place is #teamkahoy all the way with their wooden dining sets from chairs, tables, to the bamboo accent wall on the lefthand-most corner.

To top it off, the cafe finalizes its furnish with moody and stunning vintage lights. It’s certainly an attention-getter, especially for driving local tourists. So make sure to drop by in the evening for the ultimate roadside cafe experience.

Brew + Bakes Cafe is open daily from 3pm-12mn. They are located right at Honk Up Garage Auto Spa (H.U.G.A.S.) Car Wash & Auto Detailing in Barangay Pasong Langka, Santa Rosa Road in Silang, Cavite. For more information, you can shoot them a private message over at their official Facebook page.



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