Get Your Much-Needed Retreat at This Cabin in the Clouds in Tanay

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by | January 18, 2021

Months spent at home would naturally make you want a change of scenery, even for just a few days. Rizal has plenty of unique spots ranging from restaurants and unique stays. No wonder it’s been a hotspot for quick getaways! If you’re looking for a new vacation home without driving too far from the city, check out this cozy cabin in Tanay for your next staycation.


Cabin in the Clouds

Almost an hour and a half drive from the Metro is a cozy loft house with an unobstructed view of the Sierra Madre Mountain Range and the neighboring city skyline. Cabin in the Clouds gives guests a view that you wouldn’t normally find so close to the city.

via Airbnb

via Airbnb

Staycation with a view

The cabin is nestled on the mountainsides of Tanay, Rizal, letting guests wake up next to a sea of clouds or fall asleep under the stars. You won’t need air-conditioners since the property sits on top of a farm lot ensuring a cool breeze and scenic views of the horizon.

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Take advantage of the nippy breeze from the cooler months of the year by staying in this cabin. It can accommodate up to 12 people with sleeping arrangements in both the loft and living area.

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Food services are currently suspended due to the pandemic but guests are free to use the kitchen that’s equipped with the necessary appliances and tools to whip up a hearty meal during your stay.

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The veranda gives the best views of the horizon; it can be your next WFH station or for al fresco dining.  There’s also WiFi and Netflix to keep you entertained.

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There’s plenty of outdoor space to enjoy, including a garden and pond. And if you want to watch the sunrise, read a book, or just simply enjoy the view, you can spend time at the small bahay kubo with a hammock nestled uphill. On chilly nights, stay warm at the home’s bonfire area!

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For those with private cars, you’ll be glad to know there’s a parking space that can accommodate five vehicles.

Rates at this cozy cabin in the clouds start at P8,286 per night. For more information, visit this listing.


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