#CrewLife: A look at the life of a flight attendant

A flight attendant’s job isn’t your typical 9 to 5 routine.
by | June 30, 2016

Well, admit it, you dreamed of being a stewardess at one point in your life, or at least you envied them for being able to travel and see the world for free! But as infatuated as we are with the life in the skies, it’s not always as glamorous as everyone thinks it is. They have to go on early morning wake up calls, and wait out sporadic delays and cancellations that will nix other plans. Having such high expectations from mile-high living, here’s a look beyond the glitz and the glamour of being a flight attendant.

Flight attendants have no unique routines, really

Their routines are practically just the same as every passenger. They prepare their luggage, fix themselves, and get ready to face the day. The only difference is that FAs report to the office before their flight for briefing.

Airline travel may be fun, but it’s stressful too

Glamour is always attached to the job of a flight-attendant, but it’s no easy job! Flight attendants go through rigorous training sessions so that they can handle different situations without losing their composure. As one flight attendant said, “you won’t see me worried!”

Cabin crews are different in every flight

What most people don’t realize is that every flight gets a whole different set of crew. This is because members of the cabin crew have different schedules posted monthly, thus getting an entirely different team for every trip. For a flight attendant, having an easy or difficult trip would depend on the team they’re with.

Your flight attendants are not glorified waitresses

As they are professionally trained, there’s more to their job than serving food inflight. In moments that need medical care, FAs are well equipped with first-aid kits (doctor’s kits, even!), defibrillators, and anything to address any emergency. They also know their way around disruptive passengers and how to handle emergencies such as bomb threats, hijacking, etc. Did you know that flight attendants also know how to handcuff a passenger?

Flight Attendants are proven to make you feel safer


Having a turbulent flight? Just look at your flight attendant and you’ll feel the heavy weight off your chest in no time. Because they spend more time on the plane, FAs really know when something is off and unusual. As turbulence is fairly normal, just keep your cool and know that you’re around people who know what they’re doing.

Flight crews get to sleep in hidden bedrooms

Several planes have a secret feature called the Crew Rest Compartments (CRC) where flight attendants stay in during long-haul flights. This area is typically concealed near the cockpit, behind the first class area, in some Boeing 777 and 787 planes. Accommodations often include 8 flatbeds and a lavatory which only the crew has direct access to. However, some flight attendants admit that sleeping in the 777 bunks feels like you’re in a coffin.

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(Sadly) there’s no known cure for jetlag other than sleep

Most flight attendants advise that you align your body clock wherever you are. If it’s morning, remain awake and sleep during the night. It may be easier said than done but simply adjust your sleeping and eating patterns to local time.

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