Instagram Feeds That Will Inspire You To Travel More

Major feed envy!
by | June 22, 2016

It’s rainy season so traveling might be a little hard on anyone stricken with wanderlust. But the people below will make you want to hop on that bus or plane and just go wherever for the sake of a change of scenery.

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Aaron Palabyab

An established photographer, director and cameraman, it isn’t surprising that Aaron Palabyab is worth a follow. Check out all his milky way photos and you’ll get what we mean. Check out his blog as well!

A photo posted by Aaron Palabyab (@apalabyab) on

A photo posted by Aaron Palabyab (@apalabyab) on

Paul Quiambao

Paul Quiambao’s feed is a mix of dreamy shots. He’s also one of the three “baconeers” of The Philippine Roadtrip and all his travels in the project are well-documented in the most surreal ways possible.

Nella Lomotan

Nella Lomotan isn’t just a blogger; she’s also an owner of one of the most wanderlust-filled Instagram feeds in the country. Her wide shots of the ocean and the many mountains she’s hiked are enough to bring out the outdoor adventurer in you.

A photo posted by Nella Lomotan (@nellal) on

A photo posted by Nella Lomotan (@nellal) on

Angelo Mendoza

Angelo Mendoza never fails to capture nature in its dreamiest state. His photos are always very tranquil yet visually-surprising. Not scrolling down his feed is near impossible.

Cy Billones

Probably the most perfect way to describe Cy Billones’ feed is that it’s everything your dream vacation looks like. It’s dreamy, sunny, and full of adventure.

A photo posted by Cy Billones (@cynetwilliam) on

Kimi Juan and Thomas Caja

Besides the fact that couple Kimi Juan and Thomas Caja are lovers traveling the world (awww!), another thing to envy about them are their gorgeous Instagram feeds. Their minimalist style in capturing their beautiful journeys will definitely tip you off on how to set your travel and couple goals combined.

A photo posted by Kimi Juan (@kimijuan) on

A photo posted by Thomas Caja (@thomascaja) on

A photo posted by Thomas Caja (@thomascaja) on

Gerald Tipones

Even if you’re just looking at Gerald’s photos from your phone, you’ll still get a feeling of warmth and vibrancy because of his fun touring snapshots. Check out his Tumblr for more of his adventures.

Ayen dela Torre

On the other side of people discovering new vistas and falling in love with new experiences, are locals who share their love for places they live in. This side of traveling is what Ayen dela Torre catches in her Instagram feed. Ayen captures mostly candid portraits of the locals in her travels, and it’s actually a positive wake up call for all travel-hungry folks to look much deeper into the places we find.

Enzo Cruz

Definitely one of the best local travel photographers, Enzo Cruz creates the best dramatic and unique photos of our country’s natural gems.

A photo posted by Enzo Cruz (@iamenzocruz) on

A photo posted by Enzo Cruz (@iamenzocruz) on

Rachel Halili

Besides going on all kinds of adventures worth our envy, Rachel Halili creates amazing collages of all her photos, which she named #collageartventures.

A photo posted by Rachel (@rachelhalili) on

A photo posted by Rachel (@rachelhalili) on

Christer Isulat

Drone shots are always hypnotizing to watch, and Christer Isulat’s @filipino_flight_tales will definitely make your eyes riveted to it.


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